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Multifamily HOME Program

General Information

The Multifamily HOME Direct Loan Program provides funding to Public Housing Authorities, nonprofits, and for-profit entities for the new construction or rehabilitation of affordable multifamily rental developments. Funding is provided in the form of low interest bearing, repayable loans. Multifamily developments carry long-term rent and income restrictions and may be layered with additional funding sources (such as Housing Tax Credits). For more information, visit the FAQs page.

Apply for Funds

Visit the Apply for Funds page for the Uniform Multifamily Application and supplemental program materials needed to complete your application. Visit the NOFAs and Rules page for Notices of Funding Availability and the Uniform Multifamily Rules for scoring, threshold, and other requirements.

Current Application Cycle Information

Additional Guidance and Resources

Additional reference materials for applicants and awardees are included below. For information regarding public hearings and TDHCA Board meetings, please visit the Community Information page. For forums and recent announcements, please visit the Announcements & Forums page. For a list of upcoming events and trainings, please review the TDHCA Events Calendar.

Post Award Guidance

Visit the Compliance page for monitoring guidelines, Annual Owner's Compliance Report information, and the Income and Rent tool.

Multifamily HOME Draw Processing Forms

Multifamily HOME Draw Instructions

Multifamily HOME Webinar: Award to Final Draw (presented 10/25/13)

For Federal Requirements information and training concerning Environmental Clearance, Davis Bacon & Labor Standards, Section 3, the Uniform Relocation Act, please visit the Program Services Training page. For instructions on how to schedule a Final Construction Inspection, please visit the Construction Inspections and Accessibility page in the Compliance section.