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Housing Trust Fund: Removing Barriers, Reducing Costs

TDHCA’s Housing Trust Fund (“HTF”) – Texas’ only state-funded affordable housing initiative – has helped more than 700 persons with disabilities author their own success stories.

The Housing Trust Fund uses state general revenue, instead of federal funds, giving the program the freedom to be flexible and responsive to a variety of housing needs of low-income Texans.  Unique programs, reduced paperwork and streamlined approval processes are part of what helps the HTF serve certain households who are unable to wait for federal assistance.

For example, HTF’s Amy Young Barrier Removal (“AYBR”) Program, created in 2010, provides one-time construction grants of up to $20,000 for accessibility modifications and the elimination of hazardous housing conditions.

The cost savings become crystal clear when you consider that it costs the state approximately $28,000 more per person per year to assist an individual in an institutional setting, than if that same person were assisted at home.  AYBR is proud to be part of helping people with disabilities stay in their own homes while also minimizing the costs of supportive services.

Cities, counties, public housing authorities, and nonprofit organizations use AYBR funds to add ramps; widen doorways; install handrails and grab bars; lower light switches, cabinets, and countertops; install accessible door and faucet handles; and design many other creative, customized improvements.

If your organization is interesting in becoming an AYBR provider, please visit the program’s webpage for more information. To find out if your community has a local provider participating in AYBR, visit TDHCA’s Help for Texans webpage. Assistance depends on the availability of funds, so be sure to check with your local provider.


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