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Office of Colonia Initiatives: Long-term Commitment to Texas Colonias

Colonias are substandard neighborhoods most of which are located within 150 miles of the Texas-Mexico border.  They are home to individuals and families primarily who have a very low income, live in substandard and hazardous housing conditions, and often without even basic utilities or infrastructure. 

TDHCA's Office of Colonia Initiatives ("OCI") serves as one of the state's long-standing resources to colonia residents who seek to improve their own quality of life by being engaged in the process of building or repairing their homes and getting technical guidance and training to solve community problems.

OCI administers the Department's Texas Bootstrap Loan Program, a self-help housing program that promotes homeownership through "sweat equity." Participants – known as "Owner-Builders" – provide at least 65 percent of the labor to construct or rehabilitate their own and their neighbors' homes. More »

First time homebuyer programs for down payment assistance, mortgage tax credits and low interest rates
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