Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

HOME Division Staff

HOME Program Division

Main Phone: (512) 463-8921

Contact List
Division Administration
Photo Not Available Jennifer Molinari
HOME Program Director
(512) 475-2224
Peggy Henderson Peggy Henderson
Executive Assistant
(512) 475-0447
Photo Not Available Valerie Gonzales
Administration Project Manager
(512) 475-1431
Photo Not Available Chad Landry
HOME Data Specialist
(512) 475-2135
Production Team
Sandy Garcia Sandy M. Garcia
Single Family Program Administrator
(512) 475-1391
Performance Team
Abigail Versyp Abigail Versyp
Performance Specialist Project Manager
(512) 475-0908
Frances Acosta Frances Acosta
Performance Specialist
(512) 305-8568
Photo Not Available Jackie Welsh
Performance Specialist
(512) 936-7790
Kay Fairbanks
Kay Fairbanks
Performance Specialist
(512) 475-4604
Photo Not Available Meredith Hudson
Performance Specialist
(512) 475-0220
Sylvia Mendez-Smith Sylvia Smith
Performance Specialist
(512) 475-2972
Photo Not Available Suzanne Hemphill
Performance Specialist
(512) 475-2975