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Amy Young Barrier Removal Program

Program Details

The Amy Young Barrier Removal Program (AYBRP) provides one-time grants of up to $20,000 to Persons with Disabilities who need modifications to increase accessibility and eliminate hazardous conditions in their home. Program beneficiaries must include a Person with Disability, must have a household income that does not exceed 80% of the Area Median Family Income, and may be tenants or homeowners.

The Department funds the AYBRP through multiple nonprofit organizations and local governments who process intake applications, verify eligibility, and oversee construction. People with Disabilities looking for accessibility modifications must contact the Administrators directly to learn more about how to apply. For a list of administrators, review the Program Administrators Log (PDF)

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2016 Amy Young Barrier Removal Program

On November 6, 2014, HTF released $1,626,477 of 2015 AYBRP project funds, limited to specific amounts available only to the urban and rural subregions in each state region (Phase 1). On December 10, 2014, HTF began Phase 2 of the fund release in which remaining funds in the rural and urban set-asides in each state region were combined into a single balance in each region. In addition, an extra $1.4M of additional new funds were added to the existing balance. On January 12, 2015, all remaining funds in all state regions were combined into a single balance available state-wide to serve any household anywhere in the state.

Program Resources

For questions and information on how to become an AYBR Program Administrator, please email the Housing Trust Fund Division at htf@tdhca.state.tx.us or call (512) 936-7800.