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Labor Standards Notice: E.O. 13658 and 29 CFR Part 10 do not cover TDHCA grant-funded programs.

TDHCA received clarification from the Department of Labor–Wage and Hour Division that Executive Order 13658 – Minimum Wage for federal contract workers rises to $10.10, January 1, 2015 will not apply to TDHCA's current housing programs. Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement of 1977, as amended, defines the meaning of "grant" and "cooperative agreement", which excludes TDHCA from the Executive Order mandates.

Additional clarification of the exclusion from Executive Order 13658 (

  • Fact Sheet on the Final Rule – "The Executive Order does not apply to contracts that are subject to the Davis-Bacon Related Acts."
  • Executive Order, Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) – number 11 confirms "federal grant and cooperative agreements" are also not subject to the Executive Order.

We apologize for any confusion regarding TDHCA's previous announcement regarding Minimum Wage. If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Hull, Director of Programs services, at 512-475-3033 or

DOL-Wage and Hour Division initiated this policy initiative announcement (