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ESG Application Materials

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2019 ESG Program Application Log

The 2019 ESG Application deadline to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ was June 21, 2019. Sixty Applications were received by the Department. ESG Applications submitted through a Local Competition in TX-500 San Antonio, Bexar Continuum of Care (CoC); TX-601 Fort Worth, Arlington/Tarrant County CoC; and TX-607 Balance of State CoC may contact their ESG Coordinators with the information listed in the ESG Local Competitions document below.

2019 ESG Application Log as of August 21, 2019 (PDF)

2019 ESG Application Log as of July 11, 2019 (PDF)

2019 ESG Program Application Documents

Application Attachment Forms

Attachment A: Continuum of Care Consultation (PDF)

Attachment B: Written Standards Certification (DOC)

Attachment C: Termination Policy (DOC)

Attachment D: ESG Applicant Certifications(DOC)

Attachment F: Local Government Approval of Shelter Activities (DOC)

Attachment G: Continuum of Care Collaboration (PDF)

Application Reference Materials

Continuum of Care Regions Map (PDF)

ESG Allocation Formula Tables (PDF)

Fair Market Rents (HUD User website)

Federal ESG Interim Rule, 24 CFR Part 576 (U.S. Government Publishing Office website)

HUD Income Limits >30% (XLS)

Income Determination Training

State ESG Rule, 10 TAC Chapter 1 and 10 TAC Chapter 7 (Secretary of the State website)

Texas Property Code (Texas Constitution and Statutes website)

For programmatic and Application content questions, please contact Naomi Cantu at naomi.cantu@tdhca.state.tx.us or 512-475-3975.