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TDHCA'S Mission

The mission of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is to administer its assigned programs efficiently, transparently, and lawfully and to invest its resources strategically and develop high quality affordable housing which allows Texas communities to thrive.

The Department accomplishes this mission by acting as a conduit for federal grant funds for housing and community services. However, because several major housing programs require the participation of private investors and private lenders, TDHCA also operates as a housing finance agency.

Ensuring program compliance with the many state and federal laws that govern housing programs is another important part of the Department's mission. This ensures the health and safety of TDHCA's housing portfolio and guarantees state and federal resources are expended in an efficient and effective manner.

TDHCA also serves as a financial and administrative resource that helps provide essential services and affordable housing opportunities to Texans who qualify for this assistance based on their income level. Additionally, the Department is a resource for educational materials and technical assistance for housing, housing related, and community services matters.

Organizational Structure

TDHCA Organizational Chart (PDF)


Listing of Current Vendors with Contracts of over $100,000 with the TDHCA.

Advisory Committee

Created in 1989 to coordinate the State's homeless resources and services, the Texas Interagency Council for the Homeless (TICH) consists of representatives from all state agencies that serve persons experiencing homelessness. TICH serves as an advisory committee to TDHCA. The council receives no funding and has no full-time staff, but receives clerical and advisory support from TDHCA. Furthermore, TDHCA supports the Council by hosting TICH Web pages.

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Employee Compensation

Number of Employees

TDHCA is authorized 313 full time equivalent employees. TDHCA currently employs 305 employees.

Average Compensation

The average compensation rate for non-executive TDHCA employee is $64,382

Agency Appropriations

Fiscal Year Appropriation
FY 2016 $243,176,268
FY 2017 $243,535,847

Legislative Appropriation Increases

The percentage increase in legislative appropriations to the agency each fiscal year of the five preceding fiscal years:

Fiscal Year Percentage Increase
FY 2016 4.34%
FY 2015 0.11%
FY 2014 30.85%
FY 2013 -3.19%
FY 2012 6.94%

Note:  The above reflects fluctuations in TDHCA's funding  trends exclusive of federal stimulus funds received in SFY 2012 and federal disaster funding transferred to the GLO in accordance with SB 1 and SB 2, 82nd Legislature, First Called Session.

Methodology and Market Analysis


TDHCA complies with the State's Position Classification Plan as defined in the General Appropriations Act. The Position Classification Plan outlines the compensation structure for state agencies and is maintained by the State Classification Office in the State Auditor's Office (SAO). Classification titles and associated salary groups are established in the General Appropriations Act, Article IX. A list of the state classification titles and state job descriptions can be found on the State Auditor's website at www.hr.sao.state.tx.us. Each position in the department is designated a classification title based on the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Compensation of Executive Staff

TDHCA's executive director's compensation is established through the legislative process and can be found in Article VII of the General Appropriations Act.  In accordance with Sections 659.020-659.021, Texas Government Code, TDHCA's executive director and executive staff are not eligible for a salary supplement. The chart below reflects the relevant classification for TDHCA, inclusive of the Manufactured Housing Division.

Average Compensation and Percent Increase by Year and Title

Classification TDHCA
FY17 FY16 FY15 FY14 FY13
Executive Director $172,997 $200,0931 0% 18%
2.5% Leg
0% 10.2% 0%
General Counsel IV $46,259 $123,0842 3.4% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Director IV $36,092 $127,4672 3.4% 0% 0% 0% 6.8%

1. A Report on Executive Compensation at State Agencies, Report No-16-406

2. SAO E-Class System

Gina Esteves, Director of Human Resources provided the agency's methodology and market analysis for executive staff compensation. The data represented provides executive staff average compensation and market average compensation data. Resources from the State Auditor's Office were used for reporting market average compensation data as noted.