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So Many Compliments

Jorge Reyes, TDHCA, 7/06/10

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Heriberto Ruiz, Brownsville, TX
HOME Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Program
Photo: Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

Jose and Maria Espinoza owned a small home in Brownsville. Like many old homes it had some problems. “We needed a new floor,” explained Mrs. Espinosa. “But we couldn’t afford the $10,000 a repairman told us it was going to cost to get a new floor.”

Then the Espinoza’s heard of a home repair program being offered by the Community Development Corporation of Brownsville. The program was the Owner Occupied Homeowners Assistance Program (OCC) funded by the TDHCA.

“The first time we applied we were turned down. It didn’t surprise me. But two years later CDC of Brownsville came to us and asked us to apply again. So we did,” said Mrs. Espinoza.

This time around they were approved. However, Mrs. Espinoza began having second thoughts. “I thought they were going to take my home away. We needed more documentation before they could proceed so I thought we were about to lose our house!” After some convincing, Ms. Espinoza finally realized they were not in danger of losing the house. After finding the documentation that was needed they proceeded with the application process.

Six months later the Espinoza’s had a brand new home thanks to CDC of Brownsville. “We get so many compliments on our new home,” says Mrs. Espinoza. “My niece from Mississippi thinks it’s beautiful. I love the air conditioning! The old house was way too hot.”

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HOME Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Program