Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Documents for Execution

The following documents will be executed between TDHCA and the Owner of a Multifamily Property prior to participation in the Section 811 PRA Program.


TDHCA Documents

Participation Agreement

The Participation Agreement (PDF) ("PA") is the contractual agreement between the Department and the Property Owner that will be executed when a property is approved to participate in the program. The PA commits a Property to participate in the Section 811 PRA program.

HUD Cooperative Agreement Documents

The following documents are Exhibits which are part of the Cooperative Agreement between TDHCA and HUD.

Exhibit 8 of the Cooperative Agreement - Part I of the Rental Assistance Contract (PDF)

TDHCA shall execute the HUD required Rental Assistance Contract (RAC) with each owner of an Eligible Multifamily Property that agrees to provide Eligible Section 811 Tenants with rental assistance. TDHCA will not disburse Rental Assistance Payments to the owners of Eligible Multifamily Properties until the RAC is executed. Part I collects information that is specific to the Owner's participating Eligible Multifamily Property. 

Exhibit 9 of the Cooperative Agreement Part II of the Rental Assistance Contract (PDF)

Part II of the RAC identifies additional program requirements and collects information that is specific to the Owner participating Eligible Multifamily Property.

Exhibit 10 of the Cooperative Agreement - Use Agreement (PDF)

Owners must agree to record a Use Agreement (HUD-92238-PRA) for not less than thirty (30) years, in this form prescribed by HUD. During the Use Agreement period, Owners shall make the Grantee's approved number of Assisted Units available for occupancy to members of the Target Populations identified in the Interagency Partnership Agreement, contingent on Section 811 funding availability.