Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Real Estate Analysis Contact List

Tom Cavanagh
Director of Real Estate Analysis

Street: 221 East 11th Street, Austin, TX 78701
Mail: PO Box 13941, Austin, TX 78711-3941
Phone: 512-475-0322


Due to the volume of underwriting from March through July, please refrain from contacting staff members with questions or comments on specific applications until they have first contacted you.

Staff Member Title Telephone
Jeanna Adams Manager 512-936-7820
Gregg Kazak Real Estate Analyst 512-475-2050
Greg Stoll Real Estate Analyst 512-475-2319
Diamond Thompson Senior Real Estate Analyst 512-475-3915
Eric Weiner Real Estate Analyst 512-475-2691
Curtis Wilkins Real Estate Analyst 512-475-4573
Deborah Willson Real Estate Analyst 512-475-3872