Manufactured Housing Division

License Required To Sell Manufactured Homes at Auction

Selling HUD Code manufactured homes to a Texas Consumer through an auction requires the following licenses, notifications, and warranties:

  1.  A person selling more than one home to one or more consumers through an auction in a twelve (12) month period must be licensed as a retailer.
  2. Each individual acting as the Retailer’s agent must be licensed as a salesperson.
  3. Each specific location at which an auction is held must be licensed and bonded in accordance with Chapter 1201 of the Occupations Code.
  4. Acting as an auctioneer may be subject to the Texas Auctioneer Act, Occupations Code, Chapter 1802.
  5. The retailer must notify this Department in writing at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the auction with such notice to contain the date, time, and physical address and location of a proposed auction or, if they recur on a scheduled basis, of the schedule.
  6. The written warranty that the new or used manufactured home is habitable is considered timely delivered if given to the homeowner at or prior to possession of the home or at the time the applicable sales agreement is signed.

Pursuant to 10 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 80 (Administrative Rules, Section 80.32, Retailers’ Responsibilities and Requirements

This message is brought you as a general source of information, promoting public awareness and self-compliance. Feel free to contact our customer service representatives at 877-313-3023 with questions.