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The Sunset Review of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

The Sunset Advisory Commission reviewed the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs in 2010 and made recommendations on the agency to the 82nd Legislature. While the legislation containing the Sunset recommendations and continuing the agency passed, it was ultimately vetoed by the Governor. Additional legislation passed in the 1st Called Session of the 82nd Legislative Session which continued the agency until 2013, and limited the Sunset Advisory Commission’s review of TDHCA to the appropriateness of the recommendations made on the agency by the Sunset Advisory Commission to the 82nd Legislature.

The Sunset Advisory Commission’s recommendations on the Department from the 82nd session and for the 83rd session can be found on the Sunset Advisory Commission’s website. Please refer to the Sunset Advisory Commission's website or contact the Sunset Advisory Commission for more information.

Sunset Advisory Commission
P.O. Box 13066
Austin, Texas  78711
Fax: 512/463-0705
Email: sunset@sunset.state.tx.us
Web: www.sunset.state.tx.us

For questions of TDHCA regarding Sunset please contact Brooke Boston at brooke.boston@tdhca.state.tx.us.