Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Single Family Procurement

The Department offers the following procurement training and technical assistance resources for Single Family Programs. Note that the sample documents are provided as examples only. It is the responsibility of the program administrators to ensure that all local, state and federal procurement requirements are followed.

Determine the Procurement Type

Goods and Services

Small Purchase method may be used for procuring goods and services other than construction or professional services.

  • Price is less than the cost limitations established by, or applicable to, the Administrator's jurisdiction
    • $50,000 (cities)
    • $100,000 (counties and nonprofits);
    • Some Administrators may be subject to additional local procurement limits and regulations
  • Determining factor: Lowest price
  • Example: Office supplies; Equipment repair services; Non-licensed Inspectors; Title companies

Construction Related Services

Sealed Bid method must be used for procurement of construction-related services.

  • Determining factor: Most reasonable, responsible, responsive bid
  • Example: Contractor hired to rehabilitate or reconstruct a home; Construction trade services (such as electrical, plumbing, framing, etc.)

Professional or Consulting Services

The Competitive Proposal method is most advantageous to the Administrator for procuring professional or consulting services.

  • Determining factor: Provider qualifications, experience, knowledge
  • Example: Consultants engaged to manage program administration; Architects; Engineers; Real Estate Appraisers
Competitive Proposal

Sole Source

The Sole Source method may be used when the goods and services are available from a single source, or in rare instances, in the case of a public emergency.

  • Determining factor: When goods and services are only available from a single source
  • Example: Goods from a specific manufacturer or an upgrade to a computer system previously procured.