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Time Doesn’t Stagger

Jorge Reyes, TDHCA, 4/15/10

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Clarence Hoodye, Corpus Christi
HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance Voucher, Project Access Housing Voucher
Photo: Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

Clarence Hoodye knows what he needs. And right now, living in an apartment surrounded by good neighbors is exactly what he needs.

“If I needed to be in nursing home, I’d be there. But I’m not in as bad a shape as a lot of people I’ve seen. I think it would be kind of damaging to me, psychologically, if I would had stayed there. I’ll just move on over and let somebody else have it.”

Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living (CBCIL) first helped Clarence obtain a HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance voucher and then a permanent Project Access Housing Voucher. Rental assistance, along with all the other services CBCIL helped Clarence obtain, has kept Clarence in a good environment that helps keep him going strong.

“I wouldn’t be getting stronger if I were in the nursing home. Most of the time (in the nursing home) I was in the chair and the bed. Living here motivates you to want to go out and enjoy the sun, all the extra things that you can’t do in a nursing home. I’ve been on my own for six years. It don’t seem that long. I guess when you’re doing good time doesn’t stagger. It just flies!”

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