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A Little Help Here and There

Jorge Reyes, TDHCA, 5/12/08

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Oscar Peña, Lubbock, TX
HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance Voucher
Photo: Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

TDHCA understands a persons desire to have a place to call their own. Whether it’s owning a home or renting an apartment, having a place to call your own translates to self-reliance and independence. Often times though, having a place to call your own is difficult for a person with disabilities. While most people with disabilities are perfectly capable of living independently, financial situations and access to care make it difficult for some to live somewhere other than a nursing facility. Not only does TDHCA have a strong commitment to producing accessible housing for persons with disabilities, it also provides assistance to ensure they can afford to live on their own.

TDHCA administers two voucher programs specifically geared towards helping people with disabilities. Both programs help transition an individual from a nursing facility and into the community. Lubbock resident Oscar Peña is one of those individuals utilizing a voucher. He now lives in his own place, and more importantly, under his own terms.

“I enjoy having my own place,” says Mr. Peña. “Having a disability doesn’t mean I can’t live on my own. I need a little help here and there but for the most part I take care of myself.” He added, “Without this voucher I’d still be in a nursing home. And I’m way too young to be in a nursing home!”

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HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance Voucher