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Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

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Bryan J., Austin, TX Emergency Solutions Grant Program Photo: Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

Bryan J. would soon transition out of the foster care system and be on his own. He had the drive and determination to go to college and build a life for himself but wasn't quite sure how to make it happen. He quickly realized he was going to need help.

An older friend who had already transitioned out of the foster care system told him about LifeWorks in Austin. Bryan soon learned LifeWorks, which receives funding from TDHCA's Emergency Solutions Grant Program, had a good reputation among other foster kids. Upon hearing all the good recommendations, Bryan gave them a call.

It's a call he's glad he made. Unlike other organizations that would provide him a bed and some life skills training, LifeWorks offered Bryan more. They not only helped him enroll in college and find a job but the staff gave him genuine guidance and direction. They invested the time and effort in making sure Bryan succeed and did not become one of the 25% of foster care kids who become homeless after two years of transitioning out of the foster care system.

"I knew what I wanted but I didn't know how to get there. I had no one to guide me", remembers Bryan. "LifeWorks gave me more than just job training, housing, or help enrolling in college. They gave me clarity and perspective. They gave me the confidence to achieve my goals."

Currently, Bryan has a job at the Capitol and has plans to move into a new supportive housing complex currently being built by LifeWorks in East Austin. The property, partly funded by TDHCA's Neighborhood Stabilization Program, is called The Works at Pleasant Valley. The Works will not only provide affordable housing to Bryan and other low income families and individuals, it will also provide GED, job training, and literacy classes. Plus, since it's being developed by LifeWorks, Bryan will continue to receive support and guidance to help him build the life he now knows is within reach.

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