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Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Exchange


  • Exchange Program Additional Clarification and Guidance (PDF) - This document contains information as it relates to Exchange Program draw requests and the content of inspection reports.
  • Important Exchange Program Deadlines (PDF) – This document contains important HTC Exchange Program deadlines. Exchange Subawardees need to be aware of the deadlines and plan accordingly.
  • The Exchange Program Permanent Loan Documents – The permanent loan lender documents are now available. The three documents are to be completed and submitted to the Exchange Program Administrator at least 10 business days prior to closing on any subsequent loans. Completed documents will need to be submitted along with draft loan documents, title company contact information and an estimated closing date. Documents will be reviewed and a response provided as soon as possible. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact HTC Exchange Administrator, Teresa A. Shell at 512.936.7834 or teresa.shell@tdhca.state.tx.us.
  • TDHCA is pleased to announce 100% of the Exchange Program funds have been awarded to eighty-nine subrecipients (multifamily developments). The TDHCA Exchange portfolio is the largest allocation of 1602 ARRA funds from the US Treasury Department. The portfolio consists of $594,091,928 and 8,015 multifamily units. To date, over 9,300 jobs have been created or retained due to TDHCA Exchange program. Closed transactions as of 12/1/2010 (PDF).
  • TDHCA Exchange Program – New Required Monthly Reporting – TDHCA is now requiring monthly status reporting for all Exchange Subaward recipients. The attached report is due to the Department by the 5th business day following the end of each calendar month. The first report is due on October 7th, 2010. The report will need to be completed, signed and uploaded to the appropriate Exchange FTP account. TDHCA Exchange Monthly Status Report (XLS)
  • The final Exchange Documents are now available. Closing Instructions and a Closing Checklist are also available. For additional information, please contact Teresa A. Shell, CCIM at teresa.shell@tdhca.state.tx.us.
  • Update from May 12, 2010 Board Meeting Schedule of Events (PDF)

Program Documents and Applications:

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Federal Agency:

U.S. Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Modeled After This Existing Program:

Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Program

Total National Funding Provided in the Recovery Act:

No set amount

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Disclaimer: The TDHCA estimates are based on an initial analysis of ARRA and other sources and do not take into account federal rules, which may be developed by the respective federal agency responsible for these funds, and may have a direct bearing on the amount of funds made available to TDHCA and Texas. TDHCA has attempted to use existing formulas as a basis for establishing estimates of the amount of funds however the Department believes that significant adjustments will be made that will have either positive or negative impact on the final funding amounts.