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Approved Market Analysts

26 USC Section 42 (m)(1)(A)(iii): a comprehensive market study of the housing needs of low-income individuals in the area to be served by the project is conducted before the credit allocation is made and at the developer’s expense by a disinterested party who is approved by such agency.

List of Approved Market Analysts

Updated: September 28, 2017

Consultant Website
Affordable Housing Analysts
Allen & Associates www.allenadvisors.com
Apartment Market Data  
Bowen National Research www.bowennational.com
Butler Burgher Group www.bbgres.com
CDS Market Research www.cdsmr.com
Gibson Consulting Group www.fgibsonconsulting.com
Gill Group www.gillgroup.com
Jack Poe Company Incorporated www.poeco.net
JLL www.jll.com
Lea & Company www.leacompany.com
Novogradac & Company, LLP www.novoco.com
The Powers Group  
Valbridge Property Advisors, Inc. www.valbridge.com
Vogt Strategic Insights www.vsinsights.com

To be included on the approved list, market analysts must provide a response to the Request for Qualifications to Provide Market Study/Analysis. In addition, submitted market analyses must comply with the Department's Market Analysis Rules and Guidelines. These documents can be accessed from http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/rea/#mktanalysis.

For more information, contact Tom Cavanagh (tom.cavanagh@tdhca.state.tx.us) at 512 475-0322