Manufactured Housing Division

Priority Handling Service Now Available

The Manufactured Housing Division offers a Priority Handling Service (PHS) for Statement of Ownership applications, for an additional fee of $55.00.

The Priority Handling Service is a one-time service enabling an application to be REVIEWED within five working days from the date the application fees are deposited by the Manufactured Housing Division (MHD). 

Applicants wishing to purchase this service should note so in Block 1 of the revised Application for Statement of Ownership (PDF), include the additional fee of $55.00, and submit their application with the PHS coversheet (PDF).  All titling forms are located in our website in the “Recording Ownership” link.

COMPLETED applications will result in:

  1. The immediate issuance of the Statement of Ownership.
  2. Statement of Ownership mailed to the mailing address specified on the application for the owner(s), lienholder(s), and or any third party specified.

INCOMPLETE applications will result in:

  1. A courtesy call being made to the applicant allowing a maximum of two days to respond with required information. 
  2. A Request for Additional Information (RAI) being issued and mailed if the requested information is not received in the specified time.


When an incomplete application is resubmitted with the requested information it will not receive priority handling again unless another priority handling fee is submitted.