Manufactured Housing Division

Jo Leigh Ares dba The Park Girl
La Feria, Texas

Complaints regarding the business activity of Jo Leigh Ares, doing business as The Park Girl, 1000 E. Exp 83, La Feria, TX 78559, have been circulated in the media and reported to the Division.

Any Texas consumer with a complaint regarding this manufactured housing retailer should contact the Consumer Complaints Hotline at: (877) 313-3023 for immediate assistance.

A consumer complaint form (PDF) should be completed and mailed to the Division along with all evidence of activity such as bill of sale, purchase contracts, proof of purchase, receipts for deposits, refund checks that were stopped, or any other documentation proving that the consumer is due money, a home, or statement of ownership and location (formerly known as a title).

Resolving a complaint involves documentation, investigation, and resolution, which may take up to 180 days (or more in extreme cases) if the case is appealed, contested, or taken to hearing.