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Housing and Services Partnership (HSP) Academy

The Housing and Services Partnership Academy provided local communities the tools and education necessary to create safe, affordable, accessible housing for people with disabilities in their communities.

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Community-Based Teams Develop Strategies for Affordable Housing for Persons with Disabilities.

Community teams from all parts of Texas participated in a Housing and Services Partnership Academy in May 2013. Communities created teams that focus on the needs of Medicaid eligible persons with disabilities. The State of Texas, in a recent application to HUD for Section 811 funds, prioritized three Medicaid eligible populations, including persons exiting institutions, persons with serious mental illness, and youth with disabilities exiting foster care. Teams considered one of these populations or identified need in their community. Additionally, team members participated in two pre-Academy webinars during May 2013.

Selected teams participated in:

Participating community teams received:

  • A Federal and State Housing and Services Resource Guide
  • A Localized Housing and Services Resource Guide outlining existing affordable housing inventory and local available service and housing resources to assist in the preparation of a step-by-step action plan
  • Follow-up webinars; and
  • Strategies to build partnerships between housing and services, creating an infrastructure to build capacity and coordination