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State of Texas Analysis of Impediments – Phase 2

State of Texas Plan for Fair Housing Choice – Phase 2, 2013 Analysis of Impediments (PDF)

Texas contracted with a qualified vendor to prepare the State of Texas' updated Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI). The updated AI for the entire state is available below.

In summer 2011, TDHCA procured and contracted with BBC Research & Consulting, Inc. (BBC) to complete the second phase of the current Analysis of Impediments Update, which covers the entire state. BBC will study state and local policies, practices, and codes that limit housing choice; zoning and land use practices; transportation access; site selection policies affecting housing affordability; environmental effects on disadvantaged populations; policies and statutes which perpetuate discrimination; community opposition to affordable housing (NIMBY-ism); foreclosure patterns; and related items.

Based on the completed analysis, the State will develop policies and take actions to address impediments to fair housing choice statewide in an effort to affirmatively further fair housing.

The State of Texas Phase 2 AI was submitted to HUD in November 2013.

Details and Supporting Documents

AI Data Sets

TDHCA makes these data sets available prior to the release of the complete State of Texas Plan for Fair Housing Choice: Analysis of Impediments in order to provide the public access to the data utilized during the process of identifying impediments to fair housing in Texas.