Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Analysis of Impediments for Hurricane Impacted Communities – (Phase 1)

Download the 2010 Analysis of Impediments (AI) - Phase 1 (FTP site ftp://ftp.tdhca.state.tx.us/pub/dr-files/) where you will find:

  • Timeline for Phase 1 Analysis of Impediments (Analysis-of-Impediments-Timeline-for-Phase-I.doc)
  • The HUD approval letter for the Phase 1 AI (TEXASAIPhase1ApprovalLtr051311.pdf)
  • Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Phase I Hurricane Impacted Communities (FINAL-2011-Phase-1-AI-as-Approved-by-HUD.doc) in eight sections including the full set of impediments and actions in Section 8.
  • Appendices A, B, C, D, F, G and H provided in one of several formats (PDF, MS Word and MS Excel). Files comprising Appendices B, D, and G are contained in folders.

Details and Supporting Documents

Visit www.glo.texas.gov for guidance and forms specific to CDBG Disaster Recovery impacted communities, including the FHAST form.