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HHSCC Case Studies Report

The Council has created the HHSCC Case Studies Report to provide insight into the essential components of the development financing process and assist housing providers in making a preliminary determination of the financial viability of proposed service-enriched housing projects. From May 19th, 2011 through August 1st, 2011, Council staff embarked on a series of interviews of successful service-enriched housing developers throughout Texas, to gain a clear understanding of how these organizations structured the financing on each property. The Council sought to get a wide variety of perspectives, from for-profit developers, nonprofit developers, and foundations producing service-enriched housing in urban and rural areas of the state.

Simultaneously, staff reviewed TDHCA underwriting reports for successful multifamily deals with a service component. Staff also conducted a literature review on best practices for housing development, service-enriched housing and financing strategies. Using both research and housing provider interviews, the Council crafted this report:

HHSCC Case Studies Report (PDF)