Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Jessups Colonia Families Building New Homes

In March of 1997, the TDHCA Board of Directors approved an initiative known as the "Model Subdivision". A total of seventeen (17) families living in the Jessups Colonia, in Hidalgo County, will be relocated to a subdivision in Monte Alto, Texas. Jessups residents currently do not have water, sewer, paved streets, or drainage. The colonia is located in a low-level area that is prone to flooding.

The new location is approximately one mile from the Jessups location and contains all of the necessary infrastructure. Residents will participate in the Proyecto Azteca Self-Help New Construction Program to build their own homes. The first nine (9) families have moved into the new subdivision. Three (3) families have completed construction of their new homes and are scheduled to move within the coming weeks. The remaining five (5) families are farm worker families, who are on the migrant stream, began construction of their new homes in January and are scheduled to complete construction within 60-90 days.