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Update on the 77th Texas Legislature

03/19/01 -- The 77th Texas Legislative Session will soon enter its second month, and bills are being introduced at a rapid pace. Many of these affect the delivery of TDHCA programs and services, and the Department wants to keep all interested parties up to date with these legislative activities.

Below is a very brief summary of additional legislative activity affecting TDHCA and its subgrantees, as of March 15. For further details on these bills or to learn about the many other bills not directly affecting TDHCA, please visit the Legislature's website: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/. The website allows you to search for bills filed by bill number, author, subject, committee and/or a keyword.

SB 1267 by Frank Madla: Creates the Texas Affordable Housing Partnership Program and a means for funding; referred to the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

SB 1343 by John Carona: Prioritizes the allocation of the state ceiling of private activity bonds; referred to the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

SB 1500 by Eddie Lucio, Jr.: Relates to the provision of housing and other assistance to colonias and other underserved areas of the state; referred to the Senate Business and Commerce Committee.

SB 1503 by Eddie Lucio, Jr: Relates to an assessment of the future needs of affordable housing. The bill requires the assessment to be made in five-year periods through September 1, 2031, with the first report submitted to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Legislature not later than September 1, 2001. The bill was referred to the Senate Business and Commerce Committee.

SB 1548 by Robert Duncan: Creates programs at TDHCA to provide low interest home loans to teachers; referred to the Senate Education Committee.

SB 1621 by Gonzalo Barrientos: Imposes civil remedies for persons illegally denied the right to rent a dwelling using a Section 8 voucher; referred to the Senate Jurisprudence Committee.

SB 1756 by David Sibley: Creates the Office of Rural Community Affairs and transfers TDHCA's Community Development Block Grant Program to the new agency.

SJR 48 by Rodney Ellis: Senate Joint Resolution proposes authorizing the Legislature to allow TDHCA to issue $100 million in general obligation bonds for TDHCA's Housing Trust Fund; referred to the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

HB 2657 by Harryette Ehrhardt: Authorizes TDHCA to issue single family mortgage revenue bonds to make mortgage credit available to "economic and geographic submarkets of borrowers" not served or underserved by other lenders; referred to the House Urban Affairs Committee.

HB 2737 by Harryette Ehrhardt: Relates to requiring reports of housing for persons with disabilities to be filed with TDHCA and on the internet, amending the requirements for the State Low Income Housing Plan & Annual Report; referred to the House Urban Affairs Committee.

HB 2868 by Tom Ramsay: Requires TDHCA to distribute grants to certain counties for essential services; referred to the House County Affairs Committee.

HB 2902 by Lon Burnam: Relates to the certification and monitoring by TDHCA of compliance with appropriate state and federal laws on the part of developers who are recipients of housing funds; referred to the House Urban Affairs Committee.

HB 3260 by Bill Carter: Relates to the preservation of affordable housing by TDHCA; referred to the House Urban Affairs Committee.

HB 3439 by Pete Gallego: Relates to the regulation of manufactured housing.

HB 3538 by Dawnna Dukes: Relates to the criteria for financing housing developers, requiring TDHCA to determine that a housing sponsor will not utilize a developer that has breached a contract with a local or quasi governmental agency or misrepresented to subcontractors the developer's participation in previous awards made by the state, local, or quasi governmental entities.

Again, this is a very brief list of recent activity by the 77th Legislature to help keep you informed. The Texas House and Senate also have websites to keep Texans informed. Through them you can follow Committee schedules and find out when public hearings on the bills will take place. You may also listen to Committee hearings and meetings of the full House or Senate through these websites. The House website is http://www.house.state.tx.us/. The Senate website is http://www.senate.state.tx.us/.