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$328.4 million in stimulus funds heading to local communities

Seizing a unique opportunity to make a fundamental and lasting impact on the lives of thousands of low income Texans, TDHCA has awarded $328.4 million in federal stimulus funding that will reduce the state’s energy demand, create jobs, and significantly improve living conditions among the state’s most vulnerable residents.

TDHCA awarded $288 million (PDF) in federal stimulus funding to 66 cities, counties, and eligible nonprofit organizations across the state to weatherize the homes of an estimated 40,000 low income Texans. The funds will create numerous construction jobs and increase the home energy efficiency of low income households, reducing their cost burden and creating a healthier living environment.

At the same time, the Department allocated $40.4 million (PDF) to 57 cities and eligible nonprofit organizations across the state to provide services to rapidly re-house homeless Texans or prevent individuals from falling into homelessness. This initiative is designed to help individuals and families perhaps only in need of temporary rent or utility assistance, or those in need of temporary assistance to obtain housing.

Both awards were made through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. For more information on either funding award or the Department’s other ARRA activities, please visit the Recovery Act page on this Web site.