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Program Year 2015 Income Limits for CSBG
(effective January 22, 2015)
Persons in Family/Household 100% of Federal Poverty Guidelines 125% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
1 $11,770 $14,712
2 $15,930 $19,912
3 $20,090 $25,112
4 $24,250 $30,312
5 $28,410 $35,512
6 $32,570 $40,712
7 $36,730 $45,912
8 $40,890 $51,112
Families with more than 8 persons Add $4,160 for each additional person Add $5,200 for each additional person

For CSBG PY 2015, beginning January 1, 2015, eligibility for CSBG will remain at 125% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

SOURCE: Federal Register, Volume 80, No. 14, Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Requests for Training and Technical Assistance

Community Affairs Training Staff is providing quality training and technical assistance to CSBG subrecipients. Please submit training and technical assistance requests and or questions using the links below.

Additional Requirements for CSBG Eligible Entities Only

Open Government Requirements

Community Needs Assessment

  • Community Needs Assessment Guide and TDHCA Submission Requirements (DOC) (PDF) (04-06-15)
  • Community Action Plans

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